We will start to sell our new project “AI-SCREAM” on NFT marketplace OpenSea every week starting from February 24, 2022(JST).


In the year 2045 humans will reach a major turning point, the “singularity”.
Reaching AI Singularity will mean a system surpassing human intelligence and developing their own civilization.

A simple interpretation of the singularity is that AI will come to steal our jobs. It is clear that AI will surpass human intelligence, dominate our society, and take our jobs. But can AI align itself with human values and thought?

In 2018, Christie’s Auction House was the first in the world to showcase AI artwork for $432,500.
That’s 43 times the expected price! Is machine learning powerful enough to create the way humans do?
What will happen to creators if AI adapts and surpass human creativity?

“The day may come when we creators will be robbed of our jobs by AI” We can hear the creator’s “melting scream” about AI …


It raises the question, “Do Humans risk being overtaken by artificial intelligence?”
” This is a project with the theme of “Creator’s screams for AI = AI-SCREAM”.
In this project, we welcome AI as a textile designer for hats. Equipped with “GAN (Hostile Generation Network)” similar to the AI Technology exhibited at Christie’s Auction House. AI will create textile designs for hats based on 5 themes.
We will create 10 types of textile designs with the theme of “what only human beings can understand and express.”

And I’m keeping a “winning” stick in this “AI-SCREAM” project!

You have the chance of winning Design Sneakers in the same pattern of AI-SCREAM that you purchased.
There is a hit in one of the ten.
After purchase, please check out the video on Unlockable Content whether to see you won.
The winner will receive the prize within a week.
Lucky you!

Opensea page :

Chapter 1 February 24, 2022 17:00(JST)PLAY START.

AI-SCREAM:#1 ~ #10
Theme: 2045 NEO TOKYO
Item Description : The theme is “Metaverse Tokyo = NEO TOKYO”, which is exhibited for the first time by XXXXTH.

Chapter 2 February 28, 2022 17:00(JST)PLAY START.
AI-SCREAM:#11 ~ #20
Theme: “love is…”
Item Description: Does AI understand “love”? If they did, how would they express their love?

Chapter 3 March 3, 2022 17:00(JST)PLAY START.
AI-SCREAM:#21 ~ #30
Theme: community
Item Description: Human beings form social connections based on feeling close and connected to others. It involves feeling loved, cared for, and valued. Can AI understand this and interact socially with us?

Chapter 4 March 7, 2022 17:00(JST)PLAY START.
AI-SCREAM:#31 ~ #40
Theme: Make a story
Item Description: Humans create new ideas and information by sublimating various experiences and values into stories. Can we teach AI to learn like humans and “make a story”?

Chapter 5 March 10, 2022 17:00(JST)PLAY START.
AI-SCREAM:#41 ~ #50
Theme: Culture
Item Description: Humans have created various cultures in history. What is AI’s view on culture?

Don’t eat your “AI-SCREAM” so quickly…you’ll get a brain Freeze!!