This Privacy Policy describes how personal information is collected, used, and shared when accessing or making purchases from (“Site” hereinafter).

Privacy Policy

Personal information on users and customers obtained through the Site is protected and retained permanently and securely pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Customers’ personal information is used solely for the purposes of formation and performance of contracts and services related to these general conditions.

  1. (1) To provide online shops operated by the Company (“Company Services” hereinafter)
  2. (2) To provide information, respond to inquiries, etc. concerning Company Services
  3. (3) To provide information on Company products, services, etc.
  4. (4) To respond to acts in violation of Company rules, policies, etc. regarding Company Services (“Rules” hereinafter)
  5. (5) To provide notice of matters such as changes to Rules regarding Company Services
  6. (6) To assist toward purposes such as improving the Company’s services and developing new services
  7. (7) To prepare statistical data related to Company services, through processing the data to ensure that it cannot be used to identify individuals
  8. (8) For other purposes incidental to the above purposes of use

In handling of personal information, all details concerning Users and customers are strictly protected inside the Company and used only by designated employees and people who need to know such information.

So that they can do their jobs successfully, customers have the right to demand correction, addition, and deletion of personal information at any time.

Customers have the right to file complaints about the processing of personal information.

Guaranteeing the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided and consenting to the Terms of Use constitutes consent to use of information for the purposes described above.

All communications related to the process of ordering and conclusion of sale agreements between the seller and customers are made by email or through the telephone number cited by the customer during registration.

XXXXTH, the party responsible for collection of personal data, configures, guides, and records the collection of personal data and retains detailed information on their collection.

These consist of the name and address of the person responsible for collection, the purpose of the information, the category(ies) related to the information, the type(s) of information retained in data collection, the methods of collection of information and information retained, the periods of retention and use of such information, the names or titles of the collection recipients, and their addresses.

Cookie Policy

The Company may revise the information contained in this Privacy and Cookie Policy. When the Company acts in such a manner, it may notify customers through various means through the platform (for example, through banners, popup windows, or push notifications).

Questions are related to customer privacy. The customer may later check changes, evaluate Mand as necessary, file a complaint about services or features that may be unnecessary, or cancel registration. Even so, it is recommended to double-check this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time in the event of minor changes or interactive upgrades.

The Cookie Policy is intended as a permanent source of reference information for customers on the Company website.

Information on cookies

The Company uses cookies and similar devices to make it easier to browse the platform, to understand how customers interact with the Company, and in some cases to display advertising consistent with browsing practices. Please read the information on cookies with a solid understanding of the cookies and similar devices used by the Company, their purposes, and other information of interest.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved from a website to your computer, telephone, or other device, containing information related to navigation on the website. Cookies are necessary to simplify browsing and make it more user friendly. They are not harmful to your computer. While this policy uses the general term “cookie,” your browser’s local storage space is used for the same purpose as cookies, as a main method of storing information used by the website. All information contained in this section also applies to local storage.

What cookies does this Website use?

Cookies are important to the features of the Company website. The Company uses cookies mainly to improve the browsing experience. For example, cookies are used to record user preferences (such as language and country) while viewing the site or between separate visits. Also, information collected using cookies can be used to improve the site through means such as collecting usage counts and patterns, inferring the suitability of the site to users’ individual interests, and enabling quick searches. In some cases, cookies, tags, or similar devices are used to obtain information in advance to display advertising based on analysis of users’ viewing practices, from the Company website, third-party websites, and other sources.

What kinds of cookies are not used on this Website?

The Website does not use cookies to store highly confidential personal information such as addresses, passwords, and credit card or debit card data.

Who uses the information saved in cookies?

With the exception of third-party cookies as identified below, the information saved from the Company website to cookies may be accessed by the Company only. These are used to enhance the user experience of Company services and the Company website. Main services that use third-party cookies are those involving the collection of access statistics and execution of payment transactions.

How can I avoid the use of cookies on this Website?

If you would like to avoid the use of cookies on this site despite the above restrictions, you will need first of all to disable use of cookies in your browser and then delete cookies associated with this Website that have been saved by the browser. This option can be used to prevent the use of cookies at all times.

How can I disable use of cookies?

By changing your browser’s configuration through the steps shown below, you can restrict, block, or delete website cookies at any time. While settings vary by browser, normally cookies can be deleted using an option under the “Settings” or “Tools” menu.